Disappiontment Abounds

. 8.25.2008

So, we went to The Home Show expo on Saturday and it was a total bust. Nothing more than a consumer gauntlet. No cool classes on hardwood floor installation, no demos on tiling, nothing. Just snake oil salesmen and the smell of roasted nuts. All in all, it was a grand disappointment. We left after 10 minutes.

We tried to cheer ourselves up by seeing the Karlstad Swivel Chair in person at our local IKEA. As Brady describes it, "It looked like a bowl of macaroni and cheese covered with cat hair." I admit, I had expected much higher quality since it was, in fact, a $400 chair from IKEA. But, unfortunately, Karlstad left us with a sour taste in our mouths (perhaps it was the cat hair, although I swear we didn't lick the furniture).

In a further effort to remain positive, we headed to Copenhagen West, where, in the past, we have not been disappointed. And we were right. From the wonderfully friendly and personable service, to the experience of sitting in an actual Corona Chair, we found ourselves delighted and our spirits lifted. And we found a new chair to add to the mix of possible options. The Barcelona Chair. Although the one we are looking at is, of course, a reproduction called a Pavillion Chair.

What do you think? Would a Barcelona-style chair look good in our house??

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MegRuth said...

I am totally breaking a commandment right now.

I am COVETING that chair! I think it's grand. Good choice!

Capree said...

You think so? We almost bought it on Saturday - a total impulse buy.. but we decided to "think about it".. and return again at a later date. I've been ogling that chair for a long time, though - through the pages of magazines and blog posts. I think it would look swell with what we have now. Plus it's the kind of chair that would look good with whatever furniture we get in the future - even if it's a hot pink, vinyl love seat! Anyway, I'm glad to get your vote on this one! We might have it when you come up in September, so you can sit on it and even lick it if you feel so inclined. :D

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