Chair VS Chair - Who will be the ultimate champion?

. 8.18.2008

OK, so Brady and I have been trying to find a chair we like for our little living room.

And an old diagram, for more visualization... not necessarily accurate.. but you get the idea

We like these chairs from CB2 and IKEA. I know they are very different, but I think they would both work well in our space. Which one do you like?

I also really, really, really like the Womb Chair.. but that's just out of the question at $3000. But, if we were stupid-rich, I'd probably get it. Maybe we could settle for a knock-off? Or is that a moral question? Anyway, here's the Womb Chair:

Check out all the swanky colors it comes in:


Oh, and here's that acrylic console table we like.. also from CB2:

So which is it? Dempsey or Karlstad??

2 Remarks:

MegRuth said...

Karlstad is my vote. It's more friendly. I think you're pretty friendly.

Capree said...

That is a good point.. while the Dempsey looks pretty cool, I don't know how comfy those metal arms would be.. Plus, who doesn't like a friendly chair?

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