The Death of Summer Funeral Sale

. 8.22.2008

In mourning the end of Summer, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25 from now until August 31st. Take advantage of The Death of Summer Funeral Sale while it lasts!

See all prints available at Capree's Curiosities.

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Kylie B said...

Kool Promo!

Anonymous said...

capree, why don't you adopt a pup instead of buying one? so many adorable puppies die at shelters each day.

Capree said...

I have looked at local shelters for Boston Terriers. Part of making a responsible decision regarding getting a pet is doing research as to what breed would be best for your lifestyle and personality. Many dogs end up in shelters because their former owners did not take the time to first research the breed and find that the dog's personality and their own clash. They want a laid back dog, but think Jack Russells are cute, not knowing they're hyper, etc. I have done research and made an informed decision that a Boston Terrier is the best fit for our family and lifestyle. If there were one available at a local shelter, I would be more than happy and willing to adopt it and give it a forever home. But there's not, so I am buying a puppy from a local breeder. So, thank you for your suggestion, Anonymous.

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