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. 9.07.2008

Have a soft spot for mid-century modern, but can't afford the real thing? Get your design kick (and show your love) with Orange Peel Enamel's mid-century inspired jewelry.

About the process:
Each Orange Peel Enamel pendant is made individually by hand, in a process of sometimes painstaking detail. From cleaning the copper to designing the image and careful sifting of the enamel powder, the rewarding moment is in the kiln-firing.

Watching the enamel go from granules to glass in a matter of minutes in the kiln is the defining "make or break" moment. Overfiring by mere seconds can entirely ruin a piece. And since every enamel color requires its own separate firing - and some pendants have three or four colors - doing the final firing is a thrill indeed.

Each copper enamel pendant is counter-enameled (enameled on the back) for durability and to avoid stress and warping during firing. The copper edge has been finished to a high polish... just for good looks.

Check out more awesome jewelry designs at the Orange Peel Enamel Etsy Shop!

"Keen Eye" Note: the middle chair is not an Eames design, but is the ubiquitous Bertoia Wire Diamond Chair!

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