Giving and Taking

. 10.10.2008

Brady and I are in the process of getting life insurance. The insurance company sent a lady over to our house last night to collect our pee and blood. You know, just to make sure we don't come pre-diseased. The blood drawing process was... less than delightful. A couple veins later, she had what she needed from me. Today, my arms are crazy sore and look like they were bitten by some diseased creature of lore. I mean, I don't know how heroin addicts do it - needles hurt. If Requiem for a Dream doesn't deter you, just get your blood drawn a couple times - you'll stay away from injected drugs for sure. As for Brady, poor guy, he was poked twice, but his veins were a little shy, so he has to do it all again today. Bummer.

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MegRuth said...

We did that in NYC before we left the city. My blood goes pretty fast, the lady wasn't prepared and I bled all over the coffee table at Luke's old apartment...

Oddly I wasn't overwhelmed to see so much of my blood in front of me.

Capree said...

Oh man! That would have been a crazy sight! I wish my blood moved with a little more vigor, then I wouldn't have so many puncture wounds in my arms.

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