He bit off my baby toes!

. 10.14.2008

As you might already know, I am a lover of the succulent. [Evidence here, here, and here.] Nothing makes me happier than those plump little plants. With the weather recently turning cold, I've had to move my big planters indoors so the little guys don't freeze. Yesterday, Wrigley decided that he likes succulents, too. Specifically, he likes those crunchy little baby toes, which are my favorite as well. Only he likes EATING them. In fact, the jerk bit off nearly ALL of my baby toes. And they were looking so healthy and beautiful!

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Jen said...

Our puppy eats any and everything! He even ate rat poison and had to take pills for a month! Crazy dogs. Sorry to hear about your plant!

liam said...

funny and sad all at the same time.

scott.ben.britta said...

i am so happy you finally got your doggy! so many hours were spent pining while we were "working"

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