Modern Christmas

. 11.14.2008

Christmas is probably the only (actually, it is the only) holiday I decorate for. I don't know why... I just get really excited about it. That may be because it's the only holiday that I am able to find modern decorations for. I've been on the lookout recently for modern Christmas decor and found a few things I really like from CB2.

I saw these glass trees last year and was excited that they brought them back. I might have to actually get them this time around. I really like the green and silver.

I also really like these mirror disc ornaments. They aren't much to look at online, but I'm sure they'd add a nice little punch. The ones from CB2 are 3" in diameter, but I was thinking it would be a great idea to just make your own with an assortment of sizes, to keep it playful and add some variety. All you'd have to do is glue two together with a loop of fishing line in the middle. Easy peasy. You could even make your own garland like that (or buy some here). What do you think? I kind of want to run to the craft store right now and make a few!

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MegRuth said...


Good idea!

Brady said...

Neat! We should totally do this!

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