Modern Pet Bowls

. 11.14.2008

Since we got Wrigley, I've started exploring all the modern pet possibilities that might exist - collars, toys, food bowls, beds, kennels, etc. Let me tell you there are a lot of really awesome designs out there for your little furry friends. Granted, some of these items probably cost more than your dog. Still, here are a few pet bowls that really caught my eye.

The Wowo Wall Mounted Feeder by Vurv Design

The Wowo Single Raised Feeder by Vurv Design

The Wowo Bamboo Veneer Pet Feeder by Vurv Design

Yum Pet Bowl by Karim Rashid

Elevated Dog Food Bowl by Trendy Pet

Holden Pet Feeder by Jon Wesley Rahman for Holden Designs

Coco's Finest China Pet Bowl by The Pet Project

Pet Dish by Everyday Studio

Most of these come in a variety of different veneers/finishes/colors, so click the links for more options.

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