Hot off the press - new moleskine journals!

. 11.15.2008

That's right, new moleskine journals from MODOFLY featuring work by yours truly!

Remember those awesome, engraved journals I wrote about? The really rad ones with work by artists from around the world? Well, this little Adventurer of yours now has TWO journals featuring images from her Untitled (Sisters Series)! Check them out:

To order your own, click here [for the one on the left] or here [for the one on the right].

A note about the journals: These beautiful, unique journals are offered in two sizes [5.25” x 8.25” or 3.5” x 5.5”] and five, that's right, FIVE different papers. Choose from ruled, sketch, squared, reporter, or watercolor. See more available journals online at www.modofly.net.

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Kim Baise said...

OOOhh!! I LOVE the one on the right! These are beautiful.

Kate said...

Agree with Kim, they're brilliantly beautiful!

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