RainMan Decanter

. 11.18.2008

This is absolutely gorgeous.

This beautifully designed carafe/decanter is the brainchild of Swedish product designer Matilda Sundén Ringnér. The RainMan Decanter is available for purchase from Skruf Glassworks. [The site is in Swedish]

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Anonymous said...

Can this lovely decanter be purchased in the U.S.? I'm trying to save on the shipping costs from Sweden. Thank you.

Capree said...

Sad news.

I don't believe that this product is available through U.S. merchants yet. It is available online from www.deskstore.com - but the shipping is as much as the decanter itself. Hopefully it will become available soon as it is quite lovely!

Braden Hammond Glass said...

wow that decanter looks really nice! I bet it does magic to the wine!

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