Karl Lagerfelt

. 11.23.2008

Melanie Howard makes and sells clever little felt puppets of well-known figures out of her Esty shop, MullishMuse. Mr Lagerfelt is probably my favorite.

"Karl Lagerfelt"
Karl is a serious fellow. Serious about fashion, that is. He is a felt puppet that will fit a very thin modelesque type finger, pencil, or pipe cleaner. He is wearing a hand sewn Italian-like suit with stylish tie and starched collar. He also has his trademark ponytail. Basically, he's extremely fun for parties and is always in style.

Karl is not suitable for small children though. (Unless they are mad about fashion and are over 4 years old)

To see more famous people re-imagined through felt, stop by mullishmuse.etsy.com.

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mullishmuse said...

HEY thanks for the love. Mr. Lagerfelt sends his fat free greetings as well. :)

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