Ebony Ellerslie

. 11.23.2008

Ms. Ebony Ellerslie is an illustrator currently based in Australia whose work I find rather pleasing to the eye.

Snouts, ©Ebony Ellerslie

Ebony Ellerslie is fueled by a love of drawing, particularly drawing from life. She has worked for InStyle Magazine and the Australian Financial Review, and has picked up awards such as The National Gallery of Victoria Society Award, The Roger Kemp Memorial Prize, and the Nikon/Salon Centre for Contemporary Photography award. As a child she had a fear of bipedal wolves. She favours the quiet, slow, old and handmade, and if she was a biscuit she would be made with condensed milk somehow. Her favourite word is ‘gulab jamun.’

Ebony Ellerslie is represented by The Jacky Winter Group.
See more of her work on her Flickr page or stop by her blog.

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Kim Baise said...

Oooh! I like this too. It's like Warhol with today's color palette.
So clever and fun!

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