Too Cool for Smool

. 12.02.2008

Robert Bronwasser, founder and director of Dutch design studio SMOOL, has a unique vision when it comes to product design. His products display a perfect balance between form and function, resulting in beautifully simple objects for the home. I am really in love with the Dip Vase, which is made of unbreakable vinyl.

What looks like several delicate, porcelain cylinders, arranged into a smooth, organic shape, is actually soft, unbreakable vinyl, formed with a dipmoulding technique. As a cohesive unit, water is held in the vase and distributed throughout the different parts.

Available from Generate Design for $119.

2 Remarks:

liam said...

they look beautiful, but i'd like it better if it was porcelain, especially with $120 price tag. what was the point of using vinyl if it's going to cost that much?

Capree said...


I agree it's a little overpriced for what it is. I'd be willing to spend maybe $50 on a vinyl vase like this. If it was porcelain or bone china or something more...'precious', the price would seem more reasonable.

Still, it is a pretty neat design.

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