December has been CRAZY!

. 12.23.2008

I usually try to have an average of one post per day and man, December is looking like a little abandoned puppy! The holidays are a busy time for most, myself included, but I'd like to offer my apologies to those still reading this blog (anyone??) - SORRY FOR LEAVING YOU HANGING! Of course, that had to be shouted.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am now a contributing blogger for the totally awesome blog Grassroots Modern. I'm not sure if anyone has checked it out yet, but I thought I'd share some highlights from my GRM posts!

I loved these ornaments from Byrd and Belle!

Looking for a new portfolio case? See my post on Paperhaus!

Pixel art steals my heart!

Looking for a little 'edge' in your dinnerware? Check out my post on Circa Ceramics!

Be sure to stop by GRM daily or get the feed for more efficient browsing!

And I PROMISE more frequent posts once these crazy holidays are over!


Pinky swear.

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