My Modern Christmas

. 12.15.2008

So, I've had some requests to see some of my modern Christmas decor (hi Sarah!) and I finally had some time to take a few photos over the weekend. Here are some of my favorite decorations and ornaments! Enjoy!

Glass Trees
and Bubble Balls from CB2

A lot of my ornaments are from CB2, Target, and Pier1.

And of course, here's Wrigley by the tree (and the infamous planter of succulents). He's a pretty cute little guy, even when he's naughty. He has definitely worked hard for his lump of coal, that's for sure!

What are some of your favorite Holiday decorations?

3 Remarks:

trishdarling said...

My favorite colors...love the green and blue.

DATT said...

lovin the colors too!

Sarah said...

ohhh lovely!

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