Recap Episode - Christmas '08

. 1.02.2009

Oh, hey! It's been a while - sorry about that! On with business!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday - mine was spent enjoying family, friends, and food. Oh, and making really cheesy Christmas cards:

Some Holiday Highlights include:

Going sledding for the first time.
Hearing "50,000 people used to live here..." about 50,000 times.
Learning that our dog may have chronic bronchitis.
Finishing season 2 of LOST.
Not touching a computer for days at a time (no email, no obsessive news reading, no blogging - obviously... sorry, again).
Enjoying Christmas morning with just ourselves and our pooch for the first time.
Seeing the MOST AMAZING Christmas light display.
Making monkey bread/pull aparts for breakfast.
Not using an alarm clock for 2 whole weeks.
Watching tons of movies, including WALL-E and The Dark Night in Blu-Ray!
Giving and receiving awesome gifts!

I think my favorite gifts to give were these amazing headphones to Brady and the Sisters Series, framed, to my brother Saul. They were both things that were greatly appreciated - and I really loved watching Brady and Saul open these gifts.

As for my favorite gifts to receive, I am in love with the plum colored coat that Brady gave me. It is gorgeous! Brady's mom also made us an amazing quilt/wall hanging that I'll post a picture of soon.

What were some of your Holiday Highlights and/or favorite gifts?

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