Poliform SLC

. 2.04.2009

Oh man. Poliform has some of the sleekest, sexiest kitchen systems I've ever seen. I've been a quiet admirer for a long time and have often dreamt of a future home filled with Poliform products - closets, kitchens, furniture, etc. So I'm really excited about the Poliform SLC Grand Re-Opening on February 19th. If you're a local with an interest in modern design, I'd definitely plan on attending. While I admit that a Poliform kitchen is probably not in the average person's budget, it's always nice to window shop!


POLIFORM grand reopening party
Feb. 19th 5–9 pm
3016 S. West Temple, SLC, UT

3 Remarks:

ashlee said...

ooohhhhh.....i am in love with poliform!!! Their designs are immaculate!

april said...

Oh mercy-
they are loverly!

Anonymous said...

Be there or be square. I'll be the one standing alone in the corner eating all the food. yummy

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