The Animal Game

. 4.17.2009

"Henry the Narsheeguin" by me.

MAIYA Sponsor MegRuth Photography is hosting a contest to win two free prints! To enter, just participate in The Animal Game! The Animal Game is something we use to do in school during particularly "interesting" lectures. One person lists three animals, and the rest have to draw a hybrid animal from the three and name it. A very fun way to pass the time, indeed. For this contest, simply create a NEW animal from the following:


You can see my entry, Henry the Narsheeguin, above. He's a very mild-mannered lad who enjoys playing with yo-yos, and catching fireflies. His favorite food is spaghetti and he's quite fond of the color Turquoise. He shares his birthday (February 12) with fellow Aquarius Arsenio Hall.

Want to play, too? Head on over to MegRuth's blog for more details on how to play (and win)!

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andrea d. said...

this contest is super cool! and your drawing is soooo cute! apparently you're just as good at drawing as you are at photographing :) love his little description too :P

Capree said...

Thanks, Andrea! You should enter! It's so fun! :D

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