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. 4.22.2009

Sorry for leaving you hanging the last couple of days! I got a little tech-burnout. All I wanted to do was be outside and not touch or see a computer. And that's just what I did! Now I'm back and ready to tackle The Internet... or at least the relevant parts. :D

Brady and I have been wanting to do a small remodel on the tiny half-bath that resides next to our kitchen. This would involve replacing the sink and wallpapering. I'm pretty set on the paintable "Curvy" wallpaper from Graham & Brown. I love it and it would go well with the artwork we have in mind for the room. We would probably just leave it white, with a clear gloss coating over the top (for pizzazz and cleanability). As far as the price goes, it's incredibly cheap - only $30 for a double roll. I'll probably order a sample here pretty soon to get a better idea of the texture.

As for the sink, I was pretty set on a wall-mounted sink. Something simple, sleek, and modern. I've seen a few from Duravit and Toto that I like quite a bit. But I just found this gorgeous pedestal sink from Toto that has me re-thinking the whole wall-mount idea. It's so sexy and simple and clean. Plus, I think it would complement the Curvy wallpaper rather well. Or maybe that's just too much curviness going on. Perhaps I should stick with something angular. What do you think?

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andrea d. said...

your idea for your bathroom is awesome! i would totally go with all the curves in the sink and wallpaper! i'm jealous, i want a bathroom like this :P

Capree said...

Thanks, Andrea! I'm thinking a curve-theme might be the way to go. But then the juxtaposition of an angular, wall-mounted sink against the curvy wallpaper might be awesome, too. I can't make up my mind! :D

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