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. 4.23.2009

MAIYA Sponsor Online Poster Printing has teamed up with MyPostcardPrinting.com to give YOU, dear Adventurers, a chance to win 250 free postcards! This is a great opportunity if you've been needing to print some postcards (maybe as promos for an Etsy shop, a clever invite, or simply to send a spontaneous 'hello' to friends and loved ones)!

The Prize:
The lucky winner will receive 250 postcards - 4x6 14pt matte (color front, blank back) in a design of their choice. You can upload your own file to the postcard printing website. The prize value is about $50.

How to Win:
There are two ways to enter.
One, simply leave a comment on this post explaining how you would creatively use these 250 postcards!
Two, write a post on your blog linking back to THIS GIVEAWAY and the sponsoring website, MyPostcardPrinting.com! Once you've written your post, send me an email with the URL.
You can do both to double your chances!

More Details:
This contest closes at midnight on April 30th. One winner will be randomly selected. Shipping is free for winners in the US and Canada. Those who reside in other countries must pay for shipping, but the postcards are still free!

So, go enter now and tell others about this sweet giveaway, too!

Good luck!

Congratulations to Emily of Emmarie Designs! She is our lucky winner!

15 Remarks:

MegRuth said...

I would love to do another batch of Christmas Postcards that will be much better than another company I used, which failed.

Much like these beautes but better!


andrea d. said...

awesome! what a great prize! i would use them to promote my photography services and/or my etsy shop!

Laura said...

um, i would use them for my little business idea that's not really up and running yet, but here's what i have so far...
yeah...this is cool!

Jen said...

I am in desperate need of some new business cards. I just had to send out my first order in my photography shop with out a business card. Thanks for the chance!!!
-sedonashots and 10oneworld on etsy

emmarie Designs said...

AWESOME! I would take the photos from my travels and turn them into awesome postcards! Finally put them to use. How cool!!

Cance said...

this would be oh-so-great to win! :D i'd definitely use them as a marketing tool, to help spread my name and my work. thanks for the chance!

Mel said...

We are getting ready to move, so some postcards with our new address might be fun!

secret cake said...

I'd like to print some 'thank you' postcards to include in my shipped orders. The hard copy thank you card lives!!

Or, on the more practical side, we're moving this Summer, so maybe I would order some change of address cards...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

TheEye said...

what an awesome prize!

Anonymous said...

i am in desperate need of some new postcards...

sknights1111 said...

This is a prize I could sure use!

katy said...

oh, neat! i would use them as photographic save-the-dates, we're trying to come up with some really different invitations to use for our wedding this summer. and since that's way more than we'd need, i would maybe use some to promote my etsy shop at http://www.katyhead.etsy.com. ^.^

ruth hill radcliffe said...

what fun, postcards. I hope you're having fun with your giveaway. Such a nice idea.

Cherry Blossoms said...

I would use these postcards for my etsy shop: Cherry Blossoms Design!

CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail dot com

My Postcard Printing said...

Thank you for participating in our giveaway! We truly appreciate the support.

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