. 5.29.2009

Woo! Went to IKEA today for the first time in forever and saw a lot of sweet little items that made my heart flutter! Specifically, the BUSIG Tray. The picture on their website doesn't do it justice. It is sooo awesome in person. I stared at it for a long time, picked it up and caressed it.. then looked around to see if anyone was watching because it was probably pretty suspicious/creepy looking. I even made it all the way through the Market Place and shortcutted my way back to the tray for one final, lingering touch. Alas, that $6 laminated piece of cardboard emblazoned with the cute forms of elephants and flora did not go home with me today. Amazingly, all I bought was a pack of napkins.

UPDATE 6/14/09: Went back and got the tray! :D

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Suzanne said...

Ooooh it's sooooo pretty! You must have some amazing will power. I'm almost tempted to drive 4 hours to the IKEA nearest me just to get it! (ok, not really, but it IS super cute!)

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