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. 6.03.2009

[A series of illustrations based on dreams]
Abe Lincoln-Bunyan was filming an infomercial in the woods.

People were spilling gunpowder on the floors of an old wood house. I carried a keg down the stairs. It was evening and I was in a swamp recording the leap of a frog by photograph.

Samoan Rock People ate my toes.

One night, while vacationing in Portland (without my camera) Jen was bitten by a snake. I ran from the bed to look up snake bite information on the internet. Just then, the clock struck midnight...

I was lying in bed when a strange creature entered the room. He was dressed as an English butler. His head and arms were made of crystal and glowed orange. He lunged forward and bit my hand.

I parked my car, bought some sushi and ran into a Nazi Youth rally on a New Jersey boardwalk. Their faces were painted white like mimes.

I jumped from a helicopter, and landed in a southwestern valley. While there, I witnessed a Mexican wedding taking place at sunset.

I explored a cave with friends. We separated. I decided to shoot some photos. In one of my photos, I noticed ghostly figures. Upon leaving, we found the mouth of the cave blocked by ancient cave warriors.

In the desert, I was chased by the police. I crawled through a cave where I found an office printer. Someone had been printing video game manuals.

Jen boarded a bus to the hospital. She gave birth; cloned the child, and left with a bag full of money. (having sold both children)

With the assistance of Harvey Keitel -as Mr. Wolf- I rescued Air Force One from terrorists. We landed the plane safely on the Lego (TM) White House lawn.

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