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. 6.01.2009

More good stuff from the land of affordable modern!

These simple illustrations from Mignon Khargie would look lovely in a kid's room!

The Clock Clock - analog does digital. Check it out to see what I mean!

Mushroom Birdhouses are all the rage - see this handmade beauty for yourself!

MCM-style furnishings from Bald Man Mod are stirring up trouble on GRM. Weigh in with your thoughts!

Love, love, love these bird feeders and wall hooks from These Creatures! What style is your favorite?

Check out Stephanie Choplin's work - from pots to tombstones, this young designer's got talent and vision!

I never knew waste bins could be such cool design objects. Check out this one from Grace Youngeun Lee.

The human mind is a crazy place and I would love to get inside artist Damon Soule’s head for a day!

Read more awesome posts at Grassroots Modern, the affordable modern blog.

2 Remarks:

Kayla Porter said...

I love that garbage can.

Capree said...

Me too... Such a simple, but genius concept.

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