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. 8.13.2009

If you follow me on Twitter, this is old news. If you clicked on my Linky Dinks link last Friday, this is slightly newer news. And if you're reading this post, then this is the newest news available. Last week, one of my favorite modern design/shelter blogs, Atomic Indy, announced the winner of the $300 Rejuvenation giveaway they were hosting. And do you know who the winner was? It was your favorite little Adventurer, that's who!
Luck was putting the moves on me big time last week, that's for sure. (This win came after the news of my other giveaway win - two in a row?? Luck, you're looking desperate!) I don't know how many blog giveaways I've entered in my lifetime - billions, maybe? I never expected to win this one - it was too awesome and too perfect. But I did. And now I'm the proud owner of one of the coolest mid-century modern wall sconces ever: The Donald. I picked this beauty in a brilliant polished chrome finish and I can't wait for it to get here! Our scary stairwell is going to get the Atomic treatment!

Capturing the 1950s fascination with sanitary appearances and "Atomic Age" technology, lighting design became thoroughly modern. Whether found today in a ranch, rambler, or retro installation, Atomic Age lighting remains a popular reflection of mid-century passions and preoccupations. The Donald's perforated rocket/bullet-nosed cones illustrate this fascination.

Once it arrives and we have it installed, I'll post some pictures. In the meantime, be sure to check out Atomic Indy! You won't regret it. Also, if you're a fan of MCM style and you're looking for some hard to find fixtures, check out Rejuvenation. They have a great selection of authentic MCM reproductions in both lighting and hardware.

Finally, a big ol' THANK YOU to the fine folks at Rejuvenation for offering up their wares and to Atomic Indy for being awesome and rocking my world. Woot!!

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