GO! Pet Design eiCrate

. 9.30.2009

.Since we got Wrigley, I've kept my eyes peeled for a crate that wasn't a) ugly and b) super expensive. The new eiCrate from GO! Pet Design fits the bill at $100. You can customize your pet's dome by selecting one of four wire colors, accessorizing with a fitted cover, and upping the "comfy" factor by adding the Oeuf Bed (in grey, lime, or magenta). To simplify things, just go for the eiCrate Starter Package, which includes the crate, liner, half bed as well as a form fitting cover, all for $330. Be sure to check out GO! Pet Design's other cool products, including pet feeders and toys.

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2 Remarks:

MegRuth said...

These are great! And congrats on all the sponsors!!

Capree said...

Thanks, Megan!

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