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. 9.11.2009

.Linky Dinky McDinkerton says: them's some good links!

Who doesn't love whimsical illustrations in the style of 60s and 70s cartoons?? [Grain Edit]

Loving these hand-knotted rugs by Amy Hefland - abstract art under your toes! [2Modern Design Talk]

The cah-razy Upside Down House! Seriously, everything is upside down, even the furnishings. [Freshome]

Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Yes? Good. The future belongs to you. [Creature Comforts]

Beautiful modern homes from Edward Fickett - restored and rejuvenated. [Design Milk]

Excessive use of high pass sharpening aside, these photos by Kalle Gustafsson are tiz'ight! [Plastolux]

Check out these gorgeous porcelain objects from Jung Porzellan - the banana holder is bananas nuts! [decor8]

Enjoy the links and have a fantastic weekend! See you Monday!

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