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. 9.18.2009

.Another week of inspiring links! Click on through to the other side..

Here's a great how-to video for stenciling a wall pattern (Thanks, Megan!) [Craftzine]

A surprising amount of detail and character is captured in these tiny pixel portraits by artist Kristof Saelen. [Drawn!]

Turn that office paper into toilet paper with this eco-chic paper shredder. No joke. [Home Tone]

The top 10 most common typography mistakes - are you making them?? [swissmiss]

This sleek wooden block displays the date and time as well as temperature, humidity, and a weather forecast, through the magic of hidden LEDs. Sweet! [2Modern Design Talk]

Chalkboard paint is a huge trend, but have you ever thought about using it on that dumpy old fridge? This blogger did and the results are inspiring! [Wild Ink Press]

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MegRuth said...

I loved that tutorial! I just wish they had covered corners.

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