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. 9.17.2009

.I think I just found my dream kitchen on Flickr! The green wall, the black and white cabinets, the lighting fixtures, the hardwood floors, the dining nook - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Although not yet finished (a black mosaic tile back splash still needs to go up, as well as the table in the diner) I am still blown away. I can't wait to see the final kitchen.

Images and kitchen: fede of Adelaide, Australia

Check out the rest of this awesome house here.

[found via the ever-inspiring Blue Ant Studio]

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MegRuth said...

As soon as I saw this I thought, OH MAN CAPREE GOT HER DREAM KITCHEN!

I wish that was true, but I'm glad you found your inspiration!

Capree said...

Ha! I wish that were true, too! I'm definitely storing this one away for future reference.

One day.. one day I will have a gloriously modern home and you'll all come over for game night. :D

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