Business Card Giveaway WINNER!

. 10.22.2009

[image via phheww]

First, a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered this giveaway!  I loved hearing your ideas for how you would use this prize!  It's always a lot of fun hosting a giveaway like this because I get to learn more about you guys!  It seems we have a lot of Etsy shop owners on here - which is great!

I'm sure some of you are wondering how I counted tweets and blog posts into the entries.  I simply created a list with everyone's entries in the order that I received them.  Then I used the fabulous Randomizer to give me that magical number which, by the way, is 29!  See?

Congrats to PunkyJane aka Sandy Simpson - your tweet was entry number 29!  Look for an email from me!

Thank you again to everyone who entered and a huge thank you to Uprinting.com for being such a generous sponsor!  If you didn't win this time don't dismay!  I am currently hosting another giveaway from Uprinting, so go enter now !

Interested in becoming a MAIYA sponsor as well?  Contact me for details!

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