How To: DIY Pendant Light

. 10.22.2009

I love having creative friends!  My good friend Megan posted this amazing how-to video showing how to make pendant lights from mason jars!  I love that she chose to use blue ones - I've never even seen blue mason jars before.  The final product is so pretty and perfectly Megan!

Moving into a new house is expensive, not just because we bought it but because of all the stuff we have to get for it. I'd been pining for a few pendant lamps for a while but with a budget of almost nothing and needing three lights, a $200/light purchase was not going to work.

I found a sweet light idea in Do It Yourself Magazine by Better Homes and Gardens. My mom forked over her Mason Ball Jars in blue and Sir Luke and I got to work.


Have a similar project?  Share your creative DIY ideas in the comments!

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