Dare Studio :: 2010 Collection

. 10.02.2009

.Wow! Loads of great designs coming from UK-based Dare Studio! I'm a big fan of the Katakana series (pictured after the jump).

Dare Studio is a dynamic new company which designs and produces furniture, lighting and lifestyle products. The company, founded by Sean Dare, champions the skills of local craftsmen and sets a benchmark for the very best in contemporary British design and manufacture. Sean is an award winning designer with over a decade or experience producing many commercially successful designs for leading retailers and manufacturers.

Dare Studio’s products are a representation of contemporary British values which do not compromise function or style with a core focus on sustainability. The pieces shown here are the first of a growing number of high-quality products and will be made in relatively small quantities and will available directly through Dare Studio.

See more: www.darestudio.co.uk

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