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. 10.02.2009

.Dude. This week was loaded with good stuff. Must be the changing of the seasons or something. Enjoy!

A great interview and a gorgeous portfolio: Kendra Smoot. [A Little Sussy]

Wish you had a dress that just grew with you? Check out this expandable maternity dress by Marisol Rodriguez. [swissmiss]

Hey DIY enthusiasts: ever thought about building your own couch from scratch? This guy did and it looks RAD! [Plastolux]

Into vikings? No, not the NFL team. Nordic vikings. Check out this awesome viking dinnerware set. [decor8]

AI Architecture can build my house any day! Gorgeous modern condominiums in CA. [Design Milk]

The beast, the beast, the beast is back! Ridiculously cool illustrations from Christopher Lee. [grain edit]

Did you know that when you kiss, 200 million germs are exchanged per second? Well, that's what the talking peanut said, so it must be true. [Drawn!]

These laser cut dollar bill sculptures are crazy beautiful and, well, just plain crazy. [My love for you is a stampede of horses.]

Awesome modern interiors photographed by the talented Bruno Suet. [Plastolux]

Pretty much the coolest bookstore in the world - designed by Isay Weinfeld. [we jet set]

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