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. 10.16.2009

I am in love with Graham & Brown's new Flock Collection by designer Barbara Hulanicki!  Ultra-contemporary and high fashion to boot - flock never looked so good!  My favorite is the Skull pattern - subtle at first, but incredibly edgy and almost shocking once you realize what it is.  I would love to see this in a house!

What do you think?  Could you rock a flocked skull wallpaper?

Flock Collection: $125/double roll

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Barbara Hulanicki is a legend of the fashion world.  After founding influential retail chain Biba in 1964, Barbara Hulanicki has made an impact on the fashion and interior world ever since.  Indeed the BBC recognized her talent recently in their documentary “British Design Legend”.

The Flock Collection marks the second wallpaper collaboration between Graham & Brown and Barbara Hulanicki. The real flock range not only challenges the perceptions of traditional flock wall coverings, it challenges the price too. The Hulanicki Flock collection is an affordable, unique wallpaper range which gives flock a long overdue contemporary interpretation. The ultra fashionable color palette - including Hollywood cerise, burnt orange, purple grape and petrol tones - mixed with opulent metallics, echoes Hulanicki's high fashion heritage. 

This designer wallpaper collection is printed on Graham & Brown’s unique clay-coat papers and offers a wonderful matte finish accentuated with metallic and gloss embellishments.  It is also paste the wall­ for ease of application.

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