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. 10.16.2009

What's up Dallas, what's up?  What's up Dallas, what's up?

Dallas CLICK on it, click on it, click on it!

-if Sir Mix-A-Lot was down with Linky Dinks

"If the world were a village of 100" takes on a graphic new form through the eyes of designer Toby Ng. [Toby Ng]

 A tree that grows books??  Well, almost.  Check out this tree shaped bookshelf! [swissmiss]

Awesome photo series: superheroes woven into famous historical photos! [Human Resources]

The Vauni Globe fireplace has a fancy wall-mounted cousin named Cupola! [Freshome]

Cade Martin creates stunning images with ballet dancers. [Black*Eiffel]

Have a bit of a 'thing' for walnut? Get a look at these beautiful walnut slab tables! [Plastolux]

A great behind-the-scenes look at the prototyping process for Greg Wolos' wall clock. [Design Milk]

Thank you for visiting MAIYA this week!  Enjoy all the links and have a beautiful weekend!  See you Monday!

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