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. 10.30.2009

Inspiring finds and the links that go with them!

A peek into Mia Christopher's colorful and inspiring sketchbooks - she's already filled 14 books so far this year! [Meathaus]

DIY tiger wallpaper: a little spray starch and a cool image will make those walls pop! [Design*Sponge]

It's greeting card season - get on top of things with these festive designs from Caroline Gardner. [Housemartin]

The best thing since sliced bread? Sliced bread notebooks - sliced, numbered, and ready for doodling! [2modern Design Talk]

This fun coat rack will put a smile on your face, not to mention the cute house it calls home! [Cozy Little Cave]

Go ahead, write on the walls.  This new dry erase paint will let your inner child out in no time! [Design Milk]

It's incredible what artist Daniel Stolle can achieve with so few colors - check out his gorgeous prints! [Human Resources]

Happy Halloween!  Enjoy your weekend and watch out for poisoned candy.  See you Monday!

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