Skulls, Zombies, and Limbs, oh my!

. 10.30.2009

More ghoulish dinnerware than I even knew existed... Get your zombie, skull, and dismembered body part fix here! Oh, Etsy. You never fail me.

Urban Soule serves up some stylin' wares in time for your next feast.. of BRAINS!

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MotherMacabre is just freakin' creepy.  Realistic rib cage platters and jaw bone bowls...I'm not even going to mention her Living Dead Girl Jar.  Moving on...

FoldedPigs offers restaurant style wares spruced up with a little anatomy action.  Eat your heart out. [Or eat your brain out, in the case of this brain bowl/candy dish.]

Skull House sells nothing but, you guessed it, skulls.  Slip cast porcelain skulls are yours for the taking [buying] - nearly 50 different styles to choose from.

I know that last one isn't dinnerware, but I had to include it!  I mean, c'mon, it's an entire Etsy shop dedicated to skulls!

Have you spotted any other Halloween inspired kitchen/dinnerware around the web?  Share your finds in the comments!

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