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. 10.23.2009

 Alexander drew the Empire State Building on fire after accidentally being hit by a cannon.

Mark's whole portfolio is inspiring, but this series he shot for Big Magazine just made me smile!
Each issue of Big Magazine has a theme. For the December 2009 issue, the theme is the word "Big."

Everything is 'big' to kids, so I photographed eight kids and asked them to make a drawing of the biggest thing they could think of.

This is one of two projects I submitted to this issue of Big. The other can be seen here.
Definitely check out the rest of his site - it's full of beautiful imagery!


See the rest of this series after the jump!

Alexandra drew "Pop," her grandfather.

David drew a monster with people and blocks of cheese in its belly.

Sabina drew a butterfly with little butterfly friends.

Arike drew a castle.

Duy drew a big building next to a little building.

Olivia drew the world.

Colin drew a dinosaur.

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