Ricky Allman

. 11.03.2009

I'm pretty sure I saw this the last time I drove up the canyon...

About Ricky:
I was born and raised in Utah, enduring weekly earthquake drills at school and lessons about the apocalypse and the "evils of the world" on Sundays.

I felt somewhat safe and protected, surrounded by Mormons and the Rocky Mountains, but as I grew older, I got a bit of courage and ventured out of my hometown. I lived in Germany, England, Taiwan, Seattle and New England. I was reshaped by my travels and embraced many types of people and new ways of thinking.

During my time in New England, my wife and I had two children. I received a BFA from MassArt and an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. We now live in Tornado Alley in Kansas City, Missouri where I teach painting and drawing at UMKC.

Check out: www.rickyallman.com.  If you fancy what you see, pick up a few of Ricky's prints from 20x200.

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