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. 12.04.2009

This first week of December was a fruitful one.  Enjoy!

Holy gift guides, Batman!  Erin of Design For Mankind gets the season rolling with gift guides for every person in your life. [Design For Mankind]

This super minimalist dentist office in Japan is gorgeous, but I'm not sure I'd like having my face drilled in front of a giant, ground floor window. [Plastolux]

Love this backyard makeover, especially the mod out building/shed thing.  Really. [Design*Sponge]

Now these are some trellises I can totally dig.  Rad. [Design Milk]

Really awesome dishtowels from Swedish designer Maria Dahlgren. I'll take one of each, please! [for me, for you]

This house is ridick - in a good way. [Blue Ant Studio]

Frank Lloyd Wright lego sets??  YES! [Black Eiffel]

A big shout out to all my readers!  You guys are the best - I love having you all along on this adventure!  Thanks for coming here each week.  I hope I'm able to inspire you.  Until next time, my friends!  Have a lovely weekend!

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