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. 12.07.2009

Now these are some of the slickest looking rattles I've ever seen.  In fact they're so beautiful, I think I'd keep them for myself!  Find your own rattle, Baby!  Really, though, these would make perfect baby shower or maternity gifts for that mod mommy in your life.

Fusing advanced computational design methodology and rapid computer-aided manufacturing technology with traditional wood craft, sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes Timbur offers an alternative to the mass produced toys commonly found in today’s marketplace. With it’s flowing curves and gentle rattling sounds the Timbur Rattle is designed to excite and enhance your child’s tactile and aural senses. Each rattle is constructed of all natural wood, filled with natural shell beads and finished with a non-toxic blend of natural oils and wax.

Timbur Rattle available on Supermarket: $90

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