New Year!

. 1.05.2010

Adventurers!!  I'm back from my holiday break and excited to get this little blog rolling again.  I can't believe it's a new year already.  Sheesh!  But, with a new year comes new products from my absolute favorite retailer ever: CB2!  I received their 2010 catalog yesterday and have looked through it about 50 times already.  There are SO MANY great new products, I can't handle it.  Here are a few that really stood out to me:

1. Parlour Sofa: $999
2. Abacus: $149
3. Twiggy Side Table: $99.95
4. Lumi Candle Holders: $2.95 - $4.95
5. Century Low Dresser: $499

6. Bolla Sofa: $999
7. Petal Green Dinnerware: $2.95 - $5.95
8. Engine Barstools: $89.95 - $99.95
9. Hexpods: $9.95 - $19.95
10. Keep Calm Rug: $199

11. Birdwalk Rug: $299
12. Knitted Pouf: $79.95
13. Crane Desk Lamp: $99.95
14. Stretch Vases: $24.95 - $29.95
15. Number 12 Clock: $149

I'm always amazed at the affordable, high quality, modern products from CB2, especially their accessories.  I love those Lumi Candle Holders with their Mid-Century shapes and $3 to $5 price tags.  *SIGH*  Another thing to add to my ever-expanding wishlist!

Anyway, thanks for sticking around over the holidays!  I meant to pop in a few times, but family, friends, and a break from technology were too appealing.  But, I am back and full of promises for an adventurous 2010!  Huzzah!

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