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. 12.18.2009

What what! Totally cool things from the World Wide Web.

Super fun, completely free, printable gift wrap and tags from designer Kellie Medivitz! [Creature Comforts]

Speaking of free, don't miss out on this chance to win a Little Bert chair from LittleNest. [Grassroots Modern]

The amazing designer from ISO50 throws down a mega interview - lots of pics, too! [Grain Edit]

The world of artist Erin McCarty is colorful - and kind of creepy. [my love for you is a stampede of horses]

It's a little too cold to be thinking about gardening, but these garden accessories are just too rad! [Design Milk]

And there you have it, folks.  I hope you enjoy the links!  Thank you all for coming here and reading this little blog.  I hope you find it to be inspirational!  In case you hadn't heard, Christmas is next week.  I'll be traveling for the holidays, so posting may be spotty.  I'll try to get some lined up before I go, though.  As always, you can find me over on Grassroots Modern [daily] and on 2Modern [Thursdays].  I'll be posting for sure on those sites next week.  Anyway, thank you again!  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and a joyous holiday!

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