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. 2.09.2010

I know, I know.  How can I possibly be thinking of another project, when I haven't even finished a) the wall b) the bathroom or c) the guest room??  (To be fair, the guest room is only a concept at the moment, the bathroom just needs a couple accessories to be complete, and the wall is almost done!)  My only answer is that I'm the kind of person who loves to visualize and brainstorm.  Admittedly, I have a hard time following through with all these ideas.  (Case in point: I first mentioned doing the Branch Wall in November.... of 2007!)  So, when I say I'm thinking of another project, you can safely assume that it's years off from completion.

That said, here's what I think I might like to do with our kitchen:

Right now our kitchen is painted some horrible sage green, with oak (??) cabinets, and really ugly formica countertops.  Our floor is your standard 12 inch square tile in that ubiquitous tan color.  So, first things first, I'd like to put in new flooring!  Brady and I have been talking about doing this since we first bought this place.  Since that was several years ago, it seems we're about due up to follow through on that project.  I'd like some sort of lighter wood, with strong grain variation.  Something like Hickory, Ash, or Maple ought to do the trick.

Once we finish the floor, I'd like to redo our cabinets.  Completely new cabinets are out of the question (and budget), so I think a nice coat of white paint would be satisfactory for now.  It would really help to brighten the space, which currently feels like a dark, depressing cave.  If I were really motivated, this is something I could easily do over a weekend, and for very little cost.  Yay!

After the cabinets, I'd love to replace our countertops with black quartz.  How sexy would that be?  Very.

Moving along in this kitchen fantasy, a tile backsplash is calling my name.  Black penny rounds (with black grout) would look stellar in combination with the countertops and cabinets.  I think this is a project Brady and I could easily handle ourselves, too.

Finally, I'd like to repaint the entire kitchen.  I think a light grey would help knock down the contrast of the black and white a bit and would flow nicely with our adjacent living room.  I'd bring in color through various accessories and a roman shade above the sink. *We'd probably go with Horizon or Alaskan Husky.  Our living room is currently painted in Half Moon Crest.

Oh, and of course, updated appliances in stainless steel would be a tasty cherry on top.

What do you think??

[Penny Rounds from ModWalls | Black Quartz from Cambria | Paint from Benjamin Moore]

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