The Official Bathroom Update

. 2.10.2010

Okay, guys.  Here it is.  The post I'm sure you've all been waiting for.  The Bathroom Update!!  WOOOoooo...

A warning first, though.  It's not quite complete - we're still looking for a suitable rug and towels.  Once we get those details figured out, I think it'll be pretty much done.  Anyway, ONWARD!

The motivating factor behind this entire remodel was the quilt that Brady's mom made us.  My initial thought was that the wavy wallpaper would mirror the stitching in the quilt (and resemble seaweed), which I think it does.  Unfortunately you can't really see this detail in the photos.  (A future post, perhaps?)

I had a rough time getting decent shots of this tiny, tiny space, but you get the idea.  You might have noticed that the trashcan is not the one I'd been talking about getting.  We ordered the Tubelor Trashcan in green, but it ended up being too small for the space and the wrong color.  Fortunately, it looks great in Brady's bathroom.  For now, we're sticking with our original trashcan.

Ah, the sink!  This thing was something of a nightmare to put in.  But through sheer determination, and a few choice words, we got it installed.  Major props to Brady for not giving up, even after I'd resigned myself to the idea of "just hiring someone".  May I mention that this sink (well, the faucet is really to blame) nearly brought an end to our tender, loving relationship?  DIY home improvement projects will test any marriage.  Luckily, we made it through.

Here are two of my favorite details: the towel rack and the toilet paper holder.  I thought the towel rack was a fun way of introducing some additional color into the space.  Though it looks pretty yellow in this photo, it's a nice chartreuse-y green that complements the quilt quite well.  The toilet paper holder is (obviously) a vase pulling double duty.  It's a unique way of storing additional TP that looks super pretty in person.

I also really like the toilet roll holder, which we chose because it matched the faucet so well.  Plus, it's sexy.  For the lights, we thought it best to keep things simple, since the wallpaper is so crazy.  After looking at a million light fixtures, we ultimately went with this little chrome number.  It looks much better in the space than in this photo, though.  One of the reasons we chose this light was to keep our remodeling as straight forward/easy as possible.  We didn't want to have to get all fancy with any rewiring, etc. and this light fit right over the previous base.  Yay!

Unfortunately, I don't have any Before photos... *ducks*  Yes, I know.  Worst.  Blogger.  Ever.  To give you an idea, it was the exact same as our current kitchen: sage green walls, oak cabinet/vanity, and ugly, ugly, UGLY formica.  In other words, a total looker.  When we ripped out the vanity, we discovered that the baseboards did not go all the way around, but stopped where the cabinet had been.  Since they were builder grade, we easily found matching baseboards at Home Depot.

After installing and painting the baseboards, as well as cleaning and priming the walls, we hired a lady to hang the wallpaper.  THAT was something I wasn't going to touch with a ten foot pole.  I'm glad we got a professional to do it, because, as it turns out, I hadn't quiiiiite ordered enough wallpaper.  With her mad skills, she was able to piece the last bits together perfectly (this is hidden by the sink).  There's no way I would have been able to match the pattern and still have enough wallpaper left over to pull off that trick.  Other than that, we did everything ourselves.

SO, what do you think??  I hope it was worth the wait!

Now that you've seen the space, any suggestions for a rug?  What color do you think would look good?  What about towels?

As always, your thoughts and suggestions are warmly welcomed!

And for your patience, LINKS (sorry, that's all I can offer):
Sink: Toto Supreme Pedestal - purchased from BuyPlumbing.net (super cheap prices!)
Faucet: Danze Parma Trim Line Widespread - purchased from BuyPlumbing.net
Light: Progress Lighting 3 Light Broadway Vanity - purchased from CSN Lighting
Wallpaper: Graham & Brown Superfresco Curvy - purchased from Burke Decor (I had a coupon code, plus a free shipping offer, otherwise it's the same price directly from G&B)
Towel Rack: Slat Ring - purchased from CB2
Towels: Bricks Towel - originally purchased from CB2 about 2-3 years ago
Vase: Cylinder Vase (23.75") - purchased from CB2 
Toilet Roll Holder: Blomus Duo Polished - purchased from All Modern
Trash Can: Simple Human - originally purchased from Target about 4 years ago
Candle: Aspen Bay Capri Blue Volcano No. 6 - purchased from Anthropologie 
Room Spray: Bartlett Pear - purchased from Bath & Body Works years ago during one of their mega sales, wherein I binged and bought about 20 different sprays.  Yeah... still working through that stash.
Quilt: handmade with love!

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