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. 3.09.2010

These quirky little critters are designed and inspired by the drawings of underprivileged children in India and brought to life by the hands of women artisans in India under Fair Trade standards.  I love the four-legged bird!  All around, this is a great idea and really well executed.

About Bholu:
Bholu is the work of Australian designer Jodie Fried. The Bholu philosophy is about creating beautiful products that we love and live with, while benefiting communities we work with along the way. Bholu products are brought to life by traditional artisans from rural and urban communities in India. Each piece is individually hand embroidered or handwoven using ancient techniques, giving each product its own unique and original personality. By using their traditional skills, the artisans gain an income, hence independence and opportunity as well as keeping a traditional craft alive.

Part of the proceeds from the collection go back to the Bholu Anganwadi Project which has now built a total of 8 pre schools with Architects Without Frontiers Australia, in underprivileged communities and have several more under construction, which provides over 280 impoverished children with love, education and a nutritious meal.  Bholu is proudly a Fair Trade and Climate Neutral Company and operates with social and environmental responsibility.

Critter Creatures by Bholu: $48 - $56

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