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. 3.12.2010

I'm pretty sure these bed linens would give me the sweetest of dreams.  How could you not smile while sleeping in sheets like this?  Seriously.  If we ever get our guest room up and running, I'll be tempted to splurge on a set or two.

CASTLE was founded in 2008 by Rachel Castle with a small range of bedlinen made for friends and family. Considerable interest ensured CASTLE quickly became a commercial venture. The brand represents a love of beautiful, often handcrafted or handprinted, pieces for the home.  Rachel Castle has spent the past 20 years working in the homewear industry both in Australia and abroad. Prior to CASTLE, Rachel was joint founder of London-based branding and design agency, The Nest, and before this, produced catalogues for Conran Shops throughout Europe. She regularly styles and writes for Australian lifestyle magazines, and currently lives in Sydney.

Textiles from CASTLE: $really expensive, BUT free worldwide shipping on orders over $250. So, that's good.

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