Raymond Biesinger :: Illustration

. 3.12.2010

Raymond's illustrations make me smile, big.  Almost freakishly big.  Like, I can't stop smiling, that's how good they are.  Don't believe me?  Check them out for yourself.

About Ray (may I call you Ray?):
Raymond Biesinger is a self-taught illustrator based in Edmonton, Canada, who likes conceptualizing, minimalism, art, and progressive politics. He employs pens, inks, computers, acrylics, photos, rubber stamps, printers, blades, photocopiers, typewriters, Letraset, and a BA in European and North American political history. This group has served him well since 2001, when he began drawing at the U of A's student paper, the Gateway. There Raymond enjoyed writing and editing weekly columns as Managing editor, but dreaded his other duty: finding editorial cartoonists. Several last minute fill-ins later, Raymond Biesinger decided to fill the space himself by shoe-horning his dark, semi-cubist black and whites into the role of a pundit, a realm usually defended by loose-handed cartoonists.

See more here.

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