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. 3.12.2010

LIIIiiiinks, glorious liiiiiinks!  Scrum-didily-umptious!

This Pebble Mattress from Nook is "the world's most considered infant mattress". How do you like them apples? [NOTCOT]

 Oooo! Modern pet food mats from Chilewich! Too cute - I may have to get one. [Dog Milk]

Great ideas for an organized (and pretty??) garage! [Making It Lovely]

Ah, jeez. These Swedish interiors are killing me! Gorgeous photography, too. [emmas designblogg]

DIY does not mean "duplicate it yourself"! Weigh in on this discussion of copyright infringement in the design/art/craft world. [decor8]

...and there you have it, folks!  Go click crazy!  I'll see you next week! xo

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