Diamond Ring Eraser

. 3.05.2010

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with erasers.  In fact, I had a pretty sizable collection which was mostly made up of little pony or frog erasers (oh and those little fruit ones, too).  I even had this awesome taxi eraser with functioning wheels.  Anyway, I saw these new diamond eraser rings from MollaSpace and the little girl in me got all excited.  She may have even squealed a bit.

Aside from their obvious kitschy cool factor, what I really love about these is their fruity scent!  Do any of you remember this smell?  I loved scented erasers!  Anyway, that's enough nostalgic nerdiness for one day.  You can grab one of these from MollaSpace for 5 bucks.  Available in white, yellow, pink, blue, or green.

EraseR+ing Eraser from MollaSpace: $5

P.S. Seriously though, did any of you collect erasers??  I'd use all my arcade tickets to get them!  If not erasers, what other odd little collections did you have as a kid?

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