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. 3.05.2010

Ah, another week bites the dust.  It was a pretty decent one, though, right?  Anyhow, I hope the first week of March treated you well.  Here are some links to send you off into the weekend!

It's like someone stabbed Rainbow Brite and then turned the weapon into a lamp. I like it. [Blue Ant Studio]

There's nothing quite like Scandinavian Modern. Check out these gorgeous Swedish interiors. [2Modern Design Talk]

New Marimekko 2010 interior collection!  Bright and happy, as always. [Marimekko Blog]

Escape ceaseless monotony through a video game about ceaseless monotony?  Sounds like a good plan. [Meathaus]

In case you missed it, this Star Wars spoof has gone viral, and for good reason.  It's awesome. [myself - can I do that?]

As always, thanks for stopping by and joining me in my ridiculous adventures.  I hope you have the best weekend possible!  See you next week!

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